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How do clients get the surety bonds they need to land lucrative government contracts? Does your current surety bond relationship seems difficult, unresponsive, and not in tune with your vision? Maybe you just need a surety bonding partner that will go the extra mile for you. Click here to read more

Pinnacle Surety - Surety Bonds

Pinnacle Surety is a California surety bonding company that has developed an expertise in servicing your company's bonding needs. Our team welcomes the opportunity to service you with the benefits of our comprehensive bonding relationships. We've got you covered!

Surety Bonds we provide

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Miscellaneous Surety BondsMiscellaneous Bonds

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Contract Bonds
Bid Bonds: A bid bond is provided to the Obligee/Owner from the contractor in order to give assurance that if the contractor is the successful bidder the contractor can provide a payment and/or performance bond.

Performance Bonds: A bond which promises that the terms of a contract, or some of them, will be performed by the Principal/Contractor.

Payment Bonds: A bond which promises to pay some or all of the persons who provide material, labor, or services for prosecution of a contract.

Subdivision Bonds
Subdivision bonds are different from the more common performance bonds used for construction projects. With subdivision bonds, the owner of the project provides bonds to the public agency to guarantee the installation of improvements that will ultimately be dedicated to the public but paid for by the owner/developer.

Miscellaneous Bonds
License and permit bonds are those required by state law, municipal ordinance, or by regulation and in some instances by the federal government or its agencies.